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30 days with the Philosophy Miracle Worker

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I had a bit of a hard time deciding how to or wheather I should review this item or not. I sometimes  have a hard time with skin care and I dont have alot of skin issues (yet) but in this winter season I have noticed my skin has been alot drier than usual. I have also had alot more flaky areas that haven’t been getting any better except with constant exfoliation.

My face is still far from perfect even with that said. I have un even skin tone. Alot of redish pink undertones and foundation is a must for me on any day of the week. So you can image how Philosophy’s “Makeup Optional” slogan cries out to me.

I got carried away in a conversation at Nordstroms about this package and many other Philosophy products so I didnt ask all the questions I probably should have before purchasing. I got back home and immediately looked up reviews online and all I was finding was reviews from 40 and 50 years old individuals and up. Which automatically made me think that this product wasnt for me. I even called the brands customer service phone number and spoke to a customer service agent who told me this package might be too much for my skin. But even with all of this my “anti” return anything self is testing this for you now.

The company describes the Miracle Worker kit as

philosophy’s miracle workers were created to give you visibly revitalized, renewed skin. clinically proven to visibly improve all signs of aging, this skin care kit includes miracle worker miraculous anti-aging retinoid pads 60 ct., miraculous anti-aging moisturizer 2 oz. and miraculous anti-aging concentrate 1 oz. formulated with a high-performance retinoid technology, cutting-edge peptides, antioxidants and advanced moisture barrier protection, our miracle workers will help deliver miraculous anti-aging skin results.

The kit comes with Miracle Worker Serum, Moisterizer and Retinol pads.

Day 1-Looking at my skin on this day it looks basically just how I described above. Its redish and dry, especially on my forehead.  To the touch it feels really dry as well. I mixed the retinol solution with the pads and gave it my first go (before bed) the solution felt like it may have been a bit oil based. But did not leave my skin feeling that way. I then applied the serum and the moisturizer. I like the texture of the moisturizer. Its a bit thick but not heavy and it spreads easily leaving instantly softer skin to the touch.

Day 30– Through the process of using this skin care I came to the conclusion that my earlier thoughts were right. I dont really see a noticiable difference in my skin over this period of time. I really feel like this process was more than my skin needed.  Dont get me wrong my skin felt smooth and amazingly soft through the whole 30 days but the moisturizer seemed to be a bit too heavy. The retinol pads felt great. The serum was  nice too. But the moisturizer I barely touched when applying. A little goes a long ways. If I picked up to much when applying on my skin it left my face feeling greasy and shiney.  As much as I love Philosopy I think this kit (at this time in my life)  I wouldnt repuchase.

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  1. Kathleen Neves

    April 7, 2011 at 11:53 am

    I got this same exact kit as gratis at the end of the year, last year. I haven’t tried it yet. I have so many other products that I am currently using and love. I’ll get to it eventually because I am curious to see how it will react on my skin.
    Kathleen Neves´s last blog post ..Target Beauty Is My Bag


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