IMATS To Do’s & Thoughts for Future Attendance

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So I know before I attended IMATS I had so many questions! What to wear, How should I pack, etc. Now of course how we all spend our time at the show is going to be different, but based on my experience this year here are a few questions and answers that hopefully will help you plan for future years.

Should I plan to go 1 or 2 days, and which day should I attend– I have heard in past years that Sundays are less busy, But this year I found both to be completley overwhelming. On Saturday and Sunday it seemed to be different crowds of people.  I noticed more you tubers and bloggers on Saturday than the day after but of course it all depends on your reasons for attending. I loved going both days to be able to interact with people and visit some sessions but if you are going just to shop 1 day is plenty of time to run by your favorite booths and check out all that they offer.

Best Times to Shop? – In my experience both Saturday and Sunday were incredibly busy at the show but I did notice the crowds start to die down toward late afternoon on both days.

Bring a list- Ok so I definitely am not a pre planner and dont plan out my shopping. You are going to run into so many more items and brands that you will be interested in that you never even thought to look for, yet at the same time all the booths and lines do make shopping a bit overwhelming so if you have a list it can be a little reminder to yourself the things that you wanted to try and if you find yourself in a busy line you can hand your list to the worker and expedite your order!

Prepare for Pictures!!- There are a ton of “things and people” you may want to take pictures of/with. So come picture ready. If you are tall wear flats if possible. If you are short find comfy heels or wedges! I am 5’10 and found it quite awkward all weekend long trying to strike a great pose with beauties that I was towering over! Some pictures ended up looking quite embarrassing lol.

What should I pack? – Pack Everything! Not really. But come prepared. Find cool (temperature) outfits to wear to the show itself. The convention center is HOT. Thats all I could say to most people when I was there at the show. The temperatures were so uncomfortable most of the time. Bring comfy heels and flats just incase. Bring a couple choices for evening wear- you just never know what might come up!

I dont want to come alone…- Come alone or bring a friend either way you will have an amazing time. You will be bumping into other makeup lovers to chat with throughout the day so honestly you will never feel alone. Also because there is so much to see and do in the convention center you might appreciate running around on your own agenda.

Quick Recap in case you missed my other posts on my Pasadena/Los Angeles IMATS Trip :)

Xoxo! Sara :)

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  1. nymphette

    July 5, 2011 at 6:11 pm

    Great tips! Sunday was so much more packed than I had expected!


  2. Tamara

    July 6, 2011 at 8:12 am

    Definitely makes for a less stressful event if you come prepared, great read. :]


    Sara Reply:

    yes!! Thank you!! Xo


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