Easy Self Tanning with Beautisol- My Summer Savior

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I am pale. Super light. This is referencing my color or lack there of. I can go out in the sun all day and not get anything but a burn. I can go to the tanning bed and I wont start to see any color till maybe the 4 or 5 trip. Due to these truths as well as the fact that I plan to protect myself from things that are in my control, one being limiting my exposure to UV rays. So I dont tan.

I have recently started watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix a few months back as a nightly ritual with Nymphette I see more than 60% (guesstimate) of the people that come into that hospital die from cancer.  We are currently almost finished with Season 5 and I am even more convinced of this.  Yes its TV but its life at the same time. In the end I  want to be able to say that I did what I could to take care of myself, and one of those things that makes me feel better eliminating harsh rays and Self Tanning instead.

Nothing makes me feel better than some color on my skin. Being pasty is embarrassing. Especially in the summer when so much more of my colorless skin is visible. Self Tanning is tricky at first and takes some work. But once you figure out your nit-ch and what works best for you, your sure to love it just as much! I have tried a few different self tanners in the past but I always find myself uneven in the end. Yes I know. Operator error but frustrating none the less. What I love most about Beautisol is that it doesn’t smell strong like some products and it also has a color guide to help you see where you have applied. This I need.

Beautisol offers great face tanning products and everything you need to help you achieve that perfect tan. On top of Bronzy beautiful multi shade tanning lotions, the brand also offers fabulous exfoliator scrubs for face and another for body as well as gloves, application tools, and a step by step application guide to help you along the way.

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