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Couture Glow Spray Tanning Launch in San Francisco

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I went to the Beautisol Facebook Fan Appreciation party a couple weeks back where the owner of Beautisol, Sinead Norenius was introducing her spray tan line, “Couture Glow.” The spray tan uses the same Beautisol product but in a formula specific for spray tanning.

The event was at The Beauty Company in San Francisco, An adorable salon and beauty retailer down on Polk Street.

At the event I received a head to toe spray tan from Sinead herself…the spray tan expert. Let me tell you there wasn’t one inch of me that didn’t look amazing. Upon application I had a bit of a tan but after the product finished processing the color was dark, even and was the most perfect bronze.

When I woke up the next morning I walked by the mirror on the way to the restroom and almost didn’t recognize myself. My skin tone was night and day in color but it looked amazing and not over baked at all. I instantly starting taking pictures and texting my results to anyone I thought might be awake at 7:00 am that morning.

For the next week or so my confidence was flying, dresses everyday to go with my dark tan legs. Everything I wore looked fantastic and I couldn’t even imagine life as my pale self any longer.

This may sound a bit over dramatized but those of you who have never been as pale as me might not ever understand how lucky you are to posses the radiant color skin tone that you have. I find with my light complexion pictures are harder to take because flash wipes me out completely. Some color on my skin makes a huge difference in how I look and feel.

When I came down from my high aka my tan faded it was instant sadness. If there was a way to make my results permanent I would be the first in line…

Next Mornings results. The line indicates prior color.

So now that I have all my excited and sad feelings down let me tell you about the tan itself. I already mentioned how perfectly bronze I was so now let me tell you the rest…

The color lasted nicely for around a week and then began to fade in certain areas. I know that by applying lotion, etc you can keep your tan longer. My skin is very dry and even dryer in certain areas. The dryer portions of my body seemed to fade the fastest. So those who may not be as dry as I may reap the reward s of a longer lasting tan.

Because this was my first spray tan I really wanted to accurately tell you how long it lasts etc so I didn’t add any other tanning products and didn’t apply any other Beautisol or other self tanners to try and extend my tan because I wanted to know for this product alone what I could expect and share those details with you. But I will tell you next time however I plan to keep the tan alive as long as possible using the above tricks.

At the event Beautylish was in attendance as well as some other fabulous bloggers. In the above picture is Kat, Sinead, Jasmine, Krishna and myself.  Its always fun to connect with these great girls and I cant wait till the next time we can meet up!

I am blogging from San Francisco, CA. I love Makeup, Skincare and Beauty in general. I am Nutrition obsessed and a kindle junkie! Want to know more? Click on the About Me tab at the top!! Xoxo! Sara

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