Fantastic “Fake” Lashes from Faux Lashes

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Faux Lashes are guaranteed to make a statement for anyone who wears them. I received three gorgeous pairs of lashes from Faux. I have already test driven each pair but I couldn’t get the pictures to show justice to the lashes. The pictures were taken with my old camera and don’t really emphasize the detail at all. I plan to take new pictures in the next few days that I will show in comparison.

Faux Lash is a San Francisco based Lash company that has jumped into the beauty market 100% full effect. The website is beautiful. Filled with amazing pictures of their beautiful lashes, offers great functionality and it doesn’t stop there. Your order arrives with as much care and class as you would expect after viewing the site. The packaging is adorable, the sleek black shipping material and pink bow’s are just one detail that adds a bit more excellence to the excitement of receiving.

 More details to follow in upcoming posts…

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