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ImPress “Press On” Manicure – Quick and Dirty Thoughts

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I would love to ImPress you with the story of my experience with Nicole Scherzinger promoted line of press on nails, ImPress. But my story doesn’t have such a happy ending. I was sent a set of nails from the brand as was excited to give them “a go.” The nails come in an adorable plastic container that looks like a polish. There are multiple sizes to choose from when applying so finding the perfect fit wasn’t hard at all. There are so many adorable designs to choose from which makes this product all the more appealing.

When you read the site and the package it says nails should last 1 week if applied correctly/properly.  Because of this I was extra careful to follow the instructions during application. I was impressed at how tightly the nails stuck to the nail. I wore them around the house for the day being extra careful with activities but before the day was over they already started popping off.  These retail for around $7.99. If you try them and have a better experience I would love to hear it!

Xox, Sara

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  1. Goddesslily

    January 29, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    I also saw these at my local CVS for $6.99 but decided to pass because I already have a few unopened packs of something simular. I wanted to say that they all pop off if you don’t use an extra coat of adhesive with them. I apply a “brush on adhesive” first then quickly press on the nail with the adhesive backing, having two layers of ahesive keeps them on for about 3-4 days, i’ve even pulled up some tight jeans and they didn’t pop off.


    Sara Reply:

    That makes perfect sense!! Thank you! I totally will try that the next time. I just wanted to be able to see how long they would last “as is” ya know…. But I love wearing them!


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