My Shoe Dazzle Experience with Adelaide, Agata and Rozee

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As I was telling you about in my Just Fabulous Post, I tend to shop at night which can be dangerous for me and my wallet. So I decided to check out the shoe clubs and see if there was anything I felt like trying. When I looked at Shoe Dazzle before they didn’t suggest enough shoes for me that I liked and I didn’t take enough time to navigate the site to see the other options available.

This time around was the same story. I didn’t like my suggested shoes so I started looking at my friends showrooms and was able to better navigate some more interesting selections that way. I ended up purchasing 3 pairs of shoes from Shoe Dazzle.

On my first purchase I saved 20% on the first pair then the additional styles were $39.95 each shipped. This shipping is both ways in the case that you want to return something. That for me was nice to know especially since I was worried about comfort.

The Adelaide shoes came in three colors. The multi- metallic (as shown), black and Nude. These woven pumps were love at first site. In person they are just as gorgeous. The heel is a bit high though. It took me a while to get over feeling that I was going to fall over when walking.

The Agata wedge came in Black, Cobalt Blue and Tan. I seriously was leaning toward the Cobalt Blue for these shoes. I love that color so much but I was afraid this being my first purchase and not being familiar with what I was receiving that It may look cheap with the studs. So I stuck to the basic black. Once I got them I sorta wished I would have ordered the blue because they didn’t look like I originally worried they may. The black though does give me a lot more options to wear Agata wedge shoes with. I wouldn’t say they are the most comfortable shoes but they don’t hurt my  feet. Only thing is the straps do feel a bit thin for the weight of the shoe but all in all I like them. Psst…Wanna see the blue? Click here for a pic!

The Rozee platform pump is the last pair I ordered and this was a spur of the moment purchase compared to the other two. I received the shipping confirmation for my order not even a day later for the above and when I clicked on my phone to view the details these beautiful shoes were staring at me. I LOVE printed bright patterned shoes. I wear a lot of plain colors so the printed shoes are a perfect way to add to my look.

The heel is just the right height on these shoes. I didn’t feel to high and walking was simply. The only think I was kinda disappointed about with this pair is a flap of material that sticks out on the front outer part of the shoe. In the site picture you cant see it but in person it definitely does. Oh well. The pattern is adorable and I am anxious to get some good wear out if these beauties.

Have you Shoe Dazzled yet?

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