Makeup is something that many women make part of their daily routine. It makes them feel good, confident, and ready for the day. Some women wear a lot of makeup while others have a minimalist approach. No matter what your preference, you will find some helpful tips here. Have a look at the top tips for your makeup routine.

Foundation – Avoid using a sponge or brush to put on foundation if you want full coverage. It is better to use your fingers to blend it properly and make sure you get a smooth and sheer finish.

Concealer – Avoid putting concealer or foundation on your eyelids. If you use it as a foundation on your eyelids, it will cause creases in your eye makeup.

Powder – If you use powder, you should apply it to the shiniest parts of your face first. For most people, it is the T-zone area and sometimes the forehead and cheeks. The rest of your face only needs a little bit of dusting.

Bronzer – Use bronzer to even out your skin tone. Make sure to apply it to your neck, face and chest and blend it well. It is always good to stand back from the mirror and check if your skin tone is even.

Blush – Blush is there to give your cheeks some extra color. The best way to apply it is to smile so you can see the apples of your cheeks. Gently brush upwards from the cheeks to the ears and back down again.

Eye Shadow – To get an even finish, you should use a matt base eye shadow to use over your whole eyelid as well as the brow bone. This will be the base for your colored eye shadow. Ideally, the base shadow should match the lightest part of your face.

Eyeliner – The thing that makes many of us feel like rock stars. To apply your eyeliner, tilt your head back a little and get close to the mirror. Start at the inside corner of your eye and work outwards to draw a solid line under your eye.

These simple makeup tips will have you looking beautiful with a smooth complexion and a hop in your step.