All of us are unique and beautiful in our own way. Our skin types and colors are different, our eye colors are different and our contours are different. This is why we need to know how to choose the right colors to suit our skin and eyes. Here are some simple tips for choosing colors.

Foundation and Blush

Skin tone – The first thing to do is determine your skin tone. Have a look at the color of your skin along your jawline. If it is pale, you have fair skin. If you have pale skin with a slight brown or yellow coloring, you have light skin. A medium skin tone is one where it looks like you have a light tan. Dark or tan skin is a deep brown skin tone.

Undertones – Your skin’s undertone can be warm, cool or neutral. If you hold silver and gold fabric next to your arm, you can determine your undertone. If the veins on your arm appear blue next to the silver, you have a cool undertone. If the veins appear yellow, green, or brown next to the gold, you have a warm undertone. If your veins appear blue and green, you have a neutral undertone. Your skin undertone determines the best colors for clothing and makeup.

Foundation – Ask a professional in the cosmetics store to help you find the right color foundation. You can also use online tools. Always test a foundation on your skin before buying it.

Blush – Blush gives your skin a bit of color. Use pale pinks, peaches, and plums for fair skin. Apricot or mauve is good for medium skin and light purple or purple-pink is good for darker skin.


Eye color – Determine what your eye color is: blue, hazel-brown, dark brown/ black, or green. For blue eyes, go with warm colors like orange, gold, peach, bronze, apricot, or coral. For green eyes go with pinks and purples. For hazel-brown eyes, try gray-green, orange, gold, and blue-gray. Dark colors like dark gray, navy blue, deep plum, and brown work well with dark brown eyes.

Choosing the right color for your skin can make a big difference in how your makeup appears. Use these tips to choose the best colors for you and make sure that look and feel beautiful.

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